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Thursday, 4 February 2010

mmmhello again. This is the first post for awhile. I've just been busy as heck. All my other trips I've had time on my hands but what with the practice, chanting, socialising and a bit of voice lending (paid), sigh! So today I've skived chanting. I kinda wanted to go coz it was individual chanting today but what the heck, I needed to clean the house. Last night I got devoured by some bug or other in my sleep. Welts on my body this morning. Saraswati asked me what is was after she'd backbended me.  I will go to the skin doc today. Another orphanage visit this afternoon. Love those kids:-) The body seems to be softening into this routine. Rise at 4.30 (sometimes snooze it for 10), coffee, stretch out on the ball for 15 mins, neti, nauli and out the door to practice. It is pretty intense in that shala but I'm not fighting it like I used to. Just breathing, sweating buckets and imbibing coconuts! Hey, is there anyone out there? Feedback would be nice. Shanti <3


  1. here is your feedback :) sounds awsome! i want go to mysore aswell! (and i will)

  2. Hey man. Sorry about the bug who brutalized you - feel better soon.

    Speaking of neti, I need a new pot. Any tips on where to purchase one?

    Missed your strong voice in class. Next week we meet Tues-Fri instead of Mon-Thurs, i.e., there is no class on Monday.

  3. hey Chris!
    I´m out here!:)
    Missing Myosre so it´t nice to read about it.
    What is voice lending?